Navigating from Santiago to Jerusalem, passing through Rome

In the Middle Ages, Santiago, Rome and Jerusalem were the three major pilgrimages, the destination of pilgrims travelling across Europe. Today you can repeat the experience of past travelers, and walk between Santiago,Rome and Jerusalem, along the ancient routes.
The medieval trails are often lost, or have "evolved" in busy roads. In these cases alternative routes have been designed, safer and more pleasant.
This is a quick guide on the web, devoted primarily to modern travelers who do not disdain the use of technology to organize their ways, and that through the use of GPS and interactive maps available on the Web can rediscover old emotions.

1. The Walking Pilgrim: an interactive map of the main routes across Europe

2. From the Via Francigena to the French Border, along the Coast Route

3. From the French Border to Arles, along the Via Aurelia (GR653A)