About us

CamminaFrancigena is a registered trademark of itinerAria srl, a company that has worked for years to relief and develope the Via Francigena route, on behalf of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture, associations and local administrations.

This space is a channel of the web site www.movimentolento.it, that explores the theme of the Via Francigena, the Cammino di Santiago, and in general of ancient streets.

The most important content of the site is the full path of the pedestrian Via Francigena, more than 2000 km from Canterbury to Rome. Here you can find and download the GPS tracks, the itineraries road bookGoogle Earth, and the interactive maps that allows you to create your itinerary and build up you personal map.

Into the site we publish also the Travelogues of travelers who have embarked upon the journey at different times, documenting their stories and their photographs.

The site also offers news, articles, photographs, itinerary, and provides an overview of the main groups involved in the enhancement of the route.